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Top Ten Most Ticketed Cars...

13 February 2015, 01:04 PM

When it comes to driving, there are occasions where people might tend to over speed, more so in case of young drivers. When you have your foot on the accelerator and the car on the highway, sometimes, it is tough to control the speed. Be it cars in India or anywhere else, there are list of models, which are the most ticketed. Here is the list of most ticketed cars.

  • Here is a car, which has a tagline ‘Zoom Zoom’. It is obvious that this car will get penalised for over speeding. Mazda 2 has been right there in the list of most ticketed cars with 28.1 per cent.

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser is another has been also in the list with a marginally higher per cent count at 28.4. When the manufacturer designed this car, they put in their best efforts to make it more efficient. Its stand-out performance is also a reason why it is spotted so easily by the enforcement department.

  • Scion tC might not be a popular name in the industry, but it is quite so for the law enforcers. This car is at the eighth position with almost 28.8 per cent of the ticketing to its name.

  • Scion shares its percentage in the list of most ticketed cars with none other than the Mercury Topaz. This sedan has also been in the thick of things with a percentage of 28.8.

  • It is quite unlikely that a car from Volkswagen will not feature in the list of high ticketed car models. The Rabbit makes it for the German manufacturer with 29.6 per cent ticketing.

  • With a percentage of 29.7 per cent ticketing, the Subaru Tribeca makes it to the list. This car, though is a high performer, has been penalised by law enforcers quite a number of times.

  • Toyota Supra lies in the fourth position of the list of most ticketed car models with a 30.8 per cent. There have lots of hypes around this car after its appearance in Fast and Furious. Younger drivers have chosen to opt for this model, leading to its more ticketing.

  • Scion makes it to the list a second time with its legendary FR-S. The smart along with its attractive appearance scores a 32.6 per cent ticketing rates.

  • Pontiac GTO has become second in the list of most ticketed car models with 32.7 per cent. This sedan has been a super performer right from the start and has also become one of the most ticketed cars.

  • However, you might be surprised to see that the top of the list is taken by Subaru Impreza WRX. This super car leads the pack of most ticketed cars with a percentage of 33.6.


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