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Mika Singh And His Orange Hummer...

17 April 2015, 02:05 PM

Mika Singh, the famous Bollywood playback singer, is known for his magnetic voice, controversies and love for expensive cars. He owns a fleet of swanky and exorbitantly expensive cars, including his most favorite orange Hummer. His Hummer has always been in news that recently caught attention of the superstar Shah Rukh Khan on a shoot.

With robust body-built, masculine styling and exceptional off-road capabilities, the Hummer makes a perfect pick for enthusiasts, and that’s the reason why it’s not so popular among celebrity cars in India. Bollywood actors, usually, own stunning, luxurious and expensive new cars, while the Hummer, contrary to most celebrity cars, offers great off-roading fun on challenging terrains.

Interesting facts about Hummer

  • AM General began manufacturing High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) or Humvees for the U.S military in 1983, and made the first civilian Hummer in 1992. Later, the company officially named it ‘Hummer’.

  • General Motors acquired the ownership and marketing rights of the Hummer from AM General in 1999. However, AMG continued to design the H1 exclusively for the civilian market. While, the H2 was the first product built under the flagship of the GM. The H3 was the last generation of the SUV, which was discontinued when the company shut down in 2010. Therefore, Hummer cars in India and around the world are quite a rare sight.

  • Despite being classified as a Class 3 truck, it doesn’t require a special driving license.

  • Hummer dealers across the world were complied to organize four Hummer off-road events per year.

  • The SUV is especially geared for off-road driving. The H1 and H2 can climb on a 22-inch and a 16-inch vertical wall or mountain, run up to 30-inch and 20-inch of water, respectively. Both the models can navigate a 60% grade and cross 40% side slop.

  • The H2 is based on the GM truck platform, also used for GMC and Chevy pickups, in 1999, which is now found on the Yukon, Suburban, Escalade Tahoe and other GM SUVs and trucks.

  • The Hummer can drive through 30-inches deep water without floating, and maintaining traction under water. Most components of the SUV are sealed against the elements that make it an amphibian-cum-submarine vehicle. It has drain plugs in the floor that released the water that enter in the car underneath.

The Hummer, discontinued in 2010, will always be admired for its glorious history, exceptional off-road capabilities and commanding road presence. There are several other new cars in the market, but no one can replace the legendary civilian Hummer. We never had sales outlets of Hummer cars in India, thus its buyers got them imported directly.

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