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Used Car Purchasing Tips...

23 June 2015, 08:05 PM

The following step-by-step guide will tell you how to buy used cars using online as well as offline resources.

  1. Your Affordability – The thumb rule and perhaps the most important used car purchasing tip – always go for that used car whose EMI doesn’t exceed 20 per cent of your net income. Try being rational about the deal you are making and see your liking for the car isn’t overwhelming your sense of economy. Try reaching out to more than 2-3 used car dealers, watch out for price difference and then proceed with rest of the things.

  2. Make A List – In case you wish to save loads of money, try going for second-tier vehicles, the one that belongs to a less popular but reliable car maker. Take Nissan for example, the brand may have established itself in metros and 1-tier cities of India but it is still a way off from being a common man’s preference. On the flip side, Nissan is a reliable brand that is known across the globe for advanced technology vehicles with flawless designs and built quality. In case of India, you may also want to consider Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet cars.

  3. Check Reviews And Prices – In case, you wish to see which car most suits your budget looks for its True market value online and for the price online dealers are offering it in your area. It is the best way to realize the kind of deal you will be getting.

  4. Locate The Used Car Dealers In Your Area – It is beneficial to buy used cars online but it is always better when that used car dealer lives in your area. So, try finding out the best used car dealers in your own area, there are a number of online used car selling and buying portals that can not only help you in finding the right dealer but also striking the most reasonable deal.

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