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Tips For First Time Car Buyers...

14 May 2015, 06:30 PM

Following article presents a roadmap for first time car buyers. The basic intent behind these tips is to simplify an otherwise daunting and complicated process. Equipping oneself with some healthy information is step one under all first time car buyer tips. Let’s see the rest of them.

Choose The Car – Before settling down for any option, you need to ask yourself a few important questions like how many passengers you will need to carry in it, what type of roads it will be driven on: streets roads, highways, urban ways, or express highways, what is your preference – a 2 wheel drive or a all wheel drive, significance of fuel efficiency for you, etc. It is one of the most commonly suggested first time car buying tip that you will find in almost every buying guide.

Get Idea About Pricing – Once you have prepared your list for most suitable options, start enquiring about their on-road price and ex-showroom price. Remember, on-road price is the figure that includes car cost, lifetime road tax, insurance, and registration charges. Ex-showroom price is charged for picking up the vehicle from manufacturer along with the tax paid to government.

Financing Your Car – One of the most important first time car buying tip, if you are getting your car financed make sure you know its pros and cons. Also, ensure you have correct information about solutions for all kind of pitfalls and their solutions that car financing schemes have.

Locate Your Dealer- See where you wish to pick your car from. Which dealer is closest to you and what kind of offerings they are proposing? See who seems to be giving better services and how justified is the deal they are offering you?

Test Drive Your Car – Get a test drive of all the options that you have listed in first step. See which one suits you parameters best. It is one of the most significant steps that will help you get an idea about how exactly it will be to practically own the car you have been dreaming about from so many days.

Negotiate The Deal – Many people see negotiation as confrontation but that’s a myth. You can save a greater deal by little negotiation. Compare the car’s physical and online prices and then negotiate with dealer. See the difference of price you will be paying in online car buying and physical buying. It will help a lot in bringing prices down.

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