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Tips And Advice On Selling Your Car Online...

11 April 2015, 11:09 AM

Selling a vehicle online is completely different than selling it through a classified ad or a dealer. Most classified sales are regional and the buyer can personally see and test drive the vehicle. He/ she can even take it for a mechanical inspection. Most people, these days, sale and purchase vehicles through online resources or used-car websites. This means that sellers have to put some extra efforts and be more creative and quick to set apart his/ her vehicle among thousands of ads. You can make a successful deal by following below given car selling tips

How to sell a car online

Do research

Being a seller, you need to do some research to determine average transaction price and market price of the vehicle. This will help you price your car more competitively. The high price might turn-off potential buyers, and make them look for another deal. The right price isn’t always your selling amount, but it’s the amount the average buyers are willing to pay. There are various reliable online sources where you can determine and compare a car’s market value. Be honest, and price your car on the basis of its condition.

Write a convincing description

Write your car’s details. You can take a reference from other online ads. Don’t mention the basic features such as air conditioning, power door locks, power windows etc. Write about important features, comfort, drivability and characteristics that you like most about your car. For example – if you have a small hatchback, describe how it drives in city, what features it has, how spacious it is. If you have a SUV, emphasize on its off-road capabilities, braking performance, build quality etc. You can, also, share your personal experiences that you had with the vehicle.

Make attractive headline and use key words

Online car selling websites allow sellers to write ad title or headline. It’s the key to get noticed among millions of ads. Make it precise and creative. Add important key words in your headline or title such as high fuel efficiency, powerful engine, playing audio system etc. This car selling advice will help you get noticed in searches and more queries.

Use lots of good photos

Photos work as an online marketing tool for sellers. Use lots of attractive photos. This will draw the attention of potential buyers. Make sure that vehicle is clean from inside and out, while shooting photos. Don’t click pictures in a parking lot or home’s driveway. Drive your car to a clean and well-lighted area that makes an attractive background too. Be honest, and don’t try to cover scratches, blemishes or any damage.

Be Responsive

When a buyer calls or mails you, respond them instantly since the buyer selects and approaches you among thousands of ads. You can ask for leaving a voice or text message, if you can’t attain a call. Delay might turn-off an interested buyer. 

Communicate with the Buyer

Contact and communicate with the buyer. This will help you avoid after sale issues. Thank the buyer for the sale and provide him/ her delivery details. Before shipping the vehicle, click its photos when it gets on the truck. It’s like a record or proof of the vehicle’s condition at the time of delivery. You can reassure the buyer by e-mailing the photos of his/her purchase.

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