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How to Avoid Traps While Buying A Used Car?...

20 October 2015, 05:00 PM

The used car market in India is full of pitfalls that may engulf you anytime. Here are a few ways that will help you avoid traps while buying a used car.

  1. Always Confirm The Numbers: Three numbers are required to be included in this list: the vehicle Identification number, the registration number, and the engine number. In case, you wish to be more thorough in avoiding all kind of traps in terms of second hand cars, include the owners’ driving license number in this list as well. The engine number can be easily penned down from the power mill while the registration number is written over car’s plate. Whenever you see the car, always confirm all the numbers with their value mentioned in papers. If the numbers don’t match you may need to find some other ways to validate the vehicle.

  2. Never Purchase Debt Of Other Person: When a car owner borrows some money or takes a loan to purchase a car, it is kept as a collateral security with the lender. In case, the owner fails to pay the amount the car is taken by lender as payment. Find out what is the actual case with the car and invest your money in it only when you are sure about the full payment of car by its first owner. It is one of the most highly recommended ways to avoid traps while buying second hand cars.

  3. Never Ever Get Into Writing Repair Pay-offs: It is considered as a bad practice to repair a written-off vehicle and sell it. Also, if you purchase any such used car you wouldn’t get insurance on it. So beware before you put your foot down for any such vehicle.

  4. Getting Finances Right: Always attain a complete fair value of the vehicle you are planning to buy from the second hand car market. Adjust your evaluation a little up for those vehicles that have average condition and less number of driven kilometers. Do vice versa for vehicles in poor condition and higher number of driven kilometers.

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