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02 September 2015, 03:37 PM

The biggest car maker of the world, Toyota wants to be acknowledged for its sincerity and commitment towards vehicle and passenger safety. The fact becomes more evident with the recent announcement from the Japanese auto giant about its advanced range of active safety technologies that is slated to debut next year. Design with the main intent to keep collisions and crashes at bay, the Toyota Safety Sense packages will be embracing all its models soon. The company has divided these packages into 2 parts that will vary as per pricing which is supposed to be an encouraging factor for buyers. Designated by alphabets “C” and “P”, both the packages are meant for compact and premium cars respectively.

The “C” package will be acting as an active line of safety for compact cars while the “P” package will be doing the same for mid-size and higher-end vehicles. The release will start since 2015 with the European markets; and by the end of 2017, it will be made available in Japan as well as North American markets. The “C” package sports mainly 3 active safety technologies. It begins with the Pre-collision System (PCS) that employs laser radar and camera for detecting objects falling right in front of tyres. If it senses any possibilities of crash it will alert the driver through visual and audio messages. And in case, the driver doesn’t abide to warnings, it will automatically slow down the car to lowest speed by application of brakes. PCS works at those speeds that are mostly susceptible to rear-end crashes.

The second system in the Toyota Active Safety technology package for compact cars is the Lane Departure Alert. It will use a camera to watch the yellow and white road markings. When the system detects departure of car from lane, it will alert the driver through audio-visual alerts. The third automobile technology in Toyota “C” package is an Automatic High Beam that will detect the upcoming vehicle headlights through camera. It will switch from one mode to another mode of beam as per safety requirements.

The “P” Toyota Safety Sense includes all above mentioned technologies along with 2 extra systems. The Pre-collision System for pedestrians will use millimeter-wave radar along with a camera to watch for pedestrians over the road. It will offer brake assist to the driver to avoid any kind of collisions. And just like the previous systems, if the driver does not heed to the warnings, it will reduce the speed of the vehicle to lowest possible point. The last Toyota automobile technology is the Radar Cruise Control that uses millimeter-wave radar to know speed of nearby vehicles. It will adjust the vehicle’s speed according to those vehicles in order to avoid accidents.

The existing Toyota cars like the Corolla, Yaris, Camry, and Avalon are expected to be laced with these systems in coming years. Also, the new range of vehicles that will be debuting on behalf of the brand will be fortunate enough to be bestowed with such systems. 

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