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The Benefits Of Electric Car Technology...

02 December 2015, 03:33 PM

The internal combustion engine may have had a long head start over alternative propulsion systems, but the latter have quickly narrowed the gap in recent years. Thus far, electric powered vehicles have showed the most promise and car manufacturers have been toying with the idea of having one in their model lineup since years. The most common approach to this has been the emergence of hybrid-electric vehicles, which use a small, efficient, internal combustion motor in tandem with an electric one. The future however holds great promise for fully-electric vehicles, and a few manufacturers such as Tesla, General Motors, Nissan and Mahindra have already taken the plunge.

Electric car technology holds great promise in changing our approach to road transportation. Some of the many benefits of all-electric vehicles include:

Freedom from fossil fuels: Fossil fuels, such as Diesel and Petrol are subject to the vagaries of international price fluctuations. With cars such as the Nissan Leaf or the Reva electric car, one is no longer held ransom to pump price escalations. Moreover, electricity generation and distribution costs are lower than fossil fuels, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in the running cost of the car.

Government Incentives: The world over, progressive administrations are encouraging people to trade in their regular cars for an electric powered one. Governments offer significant incentives in an attempt to sweeten the deal and drive up adoption numbers. So buying an electric car can be a relatively cheaper experience thanks to the concessions and rebates.

Pollution Free: Automobiles have been considered to be a key contributor to the rise in greenhouse gases and climate fluctuations. Electric car technology is better as there are no tailpipe emissions in such cars. Moreover, they also hold a distinct advantage over the cleanest hybrid vehicles as there are no hydrocarbon fuels to be burned whatsoever.

Public Recognition: The Reva electric car, the cars by Tesla Motors, the Nissan Leaf, are all recognized the world over for being zero-emission vehicles. Admired by many, the owners benefit too from the public adulation. They are recognized as being path breakers and progressive human beings, thereby elevating them to a higher social standing.

Lower Maintenance: Internal Combustion engines have a lot of moving parts. Each of these must be kept well lubricated and cooled, so as to perform at their optimum best. Electric motors on the other hand, have fewer moving parts and as such require lesser attention and maintenance. This makes electric vehicles highly desirable for those that seek to limit the amount they spend on vehicle upkeep.

Lastly, electric car technology contributes to a quieter, more peaceful world. Given the lower moving parts and inherent nature of the motors used, electric cars tend to be considerably quieter than their regular engined counterparts. With the likes of home grown manufacturers like Mahindra to global giants like BMW and Tesla focussing on electric propulsion vehicles, it is safe to say that we are in for a motoring revolution in the near future.

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