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August 06, 2015 14:55

The new cars available in the market are powerful, innovatively designed and feature advanced technologies. Each model comes with better safety features to make life easier for a driver. Adaptive cruise control system has contributed immensely in cutting down on any form of an accident. This is definitely a technologically advanced form of cruise control for the benefit of a driver. Many global automakers are offering this feature in their several models to meet the safety standards.

What is cruise control?

With this system, the vehicle is able to keep up the desired speed. Once the cruise control is activated and sets a particular speed, the system takes over the throttle for the driver’s convenience. The system is perfectly suited to make long drives more enjoyable and hassle-free. Even in city traffic, it has proven to be useful in saving fuel. All a driver needs to do is set the speed and take off the feet from brakes and accelerator.

How does adaptive cruise control system functions?

This system slows down or speeds up the vehicle automatically to maintain a pace with the car in front of it. For example, if you have set a car’s cruise control speed to 80 kmph and the vehicle in front is moving slower than 80kmph; the system will automatically slow down the car. Once the front car moves faster than 80kmph, the cruise control system will speed to initial set speed without any need of any manual adjustment. The system works accurately as it consists of radar sensors or lasers. These radars or lasers are installed behind the grill of a car to track down the speed as well as the distance of a vehicle moving ahead. In the event of any detection of the obstruction, the system will cut down the throttle and activating the brakes. With this cruise control, a driver can concentrate properly without requiring any manual intervention.

Adaptive cruise control system is effective in limiting the chance of an accident on the road. Manually adjusting the cruise control will be too late to avoid collision. This is where; this automatic system proves its worth and enables to take full control of such situation. Top automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen models have this safety system. Purchase a model integrated with this system to drive safely and peacefully. 

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