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The Psychology Behind LED Ambient Lighting Systems...

18 July 2015, 10:05 AM

As and when we try to give a thought to automotive lighting, the first preference is earned by bold taillights, high-performing headlights, and daytime running lights that give proof of some strong branding. Despite these trends, LED lights have scored some more points by offering their services in the ambient lighting sections. An application trend that started with indicator lights has paved a way for backlit displays, occupancy detection, and all kinds of ambient lighting based on passenger’s mindset, time of the day, and other related environment factors.

Ambient lighting here refers to the lighting of instrument panel that illuminates the area around dashboard. Psychologically, ambient lighting systems help in giving drivers a sense of orientation and free space in an uptight cabin. Also, for night drivers these systems supports in giving drivers a sense of comfort, security, and pride in value they paid for the car. A soothing ambient lighting stimulates an emotional atmosphere that as per most carmakers decrease driver fatigue by keeping him calm and focused.

LED ambient lighting systems have now extended their reach to brake lighting, might vision, backlit displays, and occupancy detection. Proper lighting can help passengers and drivers in feeling different about their driving experience. Today, LED lights have gained an important place among trendiest car interior accessories. There is a long list of high-end cars in India that are using LED ambient lighting systems in a very creative manner in their vehicles. The list includes some highly renowned names like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti, Cadillac, and Audi. There are several medium level brands too who have offered this feature in their upper end models.

LED ambient lighting was usually incorporated as a cosmetic application. With the advent of time it was noticed that their implementation made interiors look more attractive and had a huge impact over consumer perceptions. This widened their use in different manners inside the cabin. LED ambient lighting systems are now used in illuminating interior surfaces, help drivers and passengers see as they enter and exit the car, operate driving controls, and influence comfort, alertness, and mood of people sitting there.

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