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Different Types of Car Lights...

27 May 2015, 12:51 PM

In technical terms, headlight/taillight refers to the lamps mounted over vehicle like car, bike, truck, bus, etc. It is constituted by a special lens and reflector that illuminates the path for driver in dark. There are various types of car lights available in India, but a few are preferred over other for some reasons. For a better understanding, let’s take a closer look at them.

Halogen Headlights – Halogen gas belongs to a group of highly reactive and poisonous chemicals. But when it comes to illumination, halogen bulbs receive preference over all other car lights in India. Each bulb used in these types of car accessories bears a tungsten filament along with a capsule filled with halogen. Every time the light is turned on, the gas routes back tungsten to regenerate the filament. As a result a bright white light is produced which lights up everything falling in front of it.

Xenon Headlights – Xenon happens to be a colorless and odorless gas with volatile reactivity. It is derived from liquefied air for commercial purposes. Apart from headlights, it is also used in some other automobile lighting technologies based on filament. Xenon bulbs are known for emitting a white lights that can also be used in High – Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. HID bulbs are different from regular bulbs for absence of filament. In place of filaments, these mainly utilize sealed systems charged with Xenon.

LED Headlights – One of latest and most admired car lights in India, LED lights consist of semiconductor diodes that emit white light upon voltage implementation. Not only in headlights, these are used for lighting several electronic and electrical products. Technically, these require slightly different designing from regular headlamps. Light Emitting Diodes mainly produce light in a small hemisphere which is why they need a cool base to support them. They can be availed in number of designs and sizes as per requirement. 


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