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5 Reasons Of Why To Go For Wrap, And Not Paint...

18 January 2015, 12:05 PM

Every car aficionado would love to have his/her unique car on-road, and though everyone just can’t afford it, we probably can have our present car being customized and personalized to turn everybody's heads. However, this by and large meant a very costly paint job in the recent past, but now you can get more or less same results at minimal cost and time by means of car wrapping. Technology has allowed designers to make some striking digital artwork, which is then being printed on strong and long-lasting 3M vinyl. This material is competent enough to survive years from maltreatment of weather and road. Check out these 5 reasons on why to wrap, and not to paint for cars.

  1. Being a part of car accessories in India, a standard quality of paint job can simply cost a huge sum of money, and if you probably want to have customized graphics airbrushed done by some specialists, then your cost factor can climb very high without any doubt. Instead, car wraps can simply cut down that factor. If you have ever painted your cars in India, it might take two weeks or more, because of sanding, disassembly, reassembly, prep work, second round of sanding, clear coat and paint application. Paint jobs with two or more colors can even be longer than that. Well, car wraps are designed on a computer, so it is being done in just hours and one can get behind the wheels of his all new custom-made car in no time.

  1. One small scratch can cost you heavy, leaving behind a good memory as to how beautiful your vehicle used to be. However, the 3M vinyl used in car wraps avoids such abuse.

  1. Wrapping resists oxidation and fading. Well, even if your car vinyl wraps gets damaged, it can be easily repaired with minimal cost and that too in less than one hour.

  1. Is painting your cars in India has been all the time started to irk you? Well then let yourself enjoy by never painting again! Car vinyl wraps are very much effortless to maintain and by simply hand-washing with water and soap, your car will simply look a brand new vehicle.

  1. A customized paint job restricts your choices to the car buff market. Conversely, you can get rid of that car vinyl wrap in just less than an hour, and can simply return with a factory look. In addition, the in-built paint will merely look excellent from the day you had wrapped your car, for the reason that it has been shielded by vinyl. 

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