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5 Most Interesting Gadgets For Your Car...

23 October 2015, 04:05 PM

We have compiled a list of 5 most interesting gadgets for your car. Not only are these gadgets cool for your car but they will also play an important role in keeping you safe when you are on road or looking to park your car.

  1. Rear View Camera: This is one of the coolest and most useful accessories for a car considering narrow paths and jam packed parking corners. There are a number of cars that have higher rear seat headrests or narrow rear windshield which sometimes make it difficult to see backward while parking the car. A rear view camera can be of great help under such conditions. The driver has a screen in front which relays the images captured by the rear view camera.

  2. Self Parking System: Though it has been introduced only in some specific luxury cars, it is definitely one of the coolest gadgets for your car. The self parking system is constituted by a number of elements including servo motors, rear mounted cameras, and micro-computers. For now, the technology is only available with Lexus, Ford, and Toyota cars but it is expected to become a part of mainstream vehicles very soon.

  3. Bluetooth: One of the most interesting and essential gadgets for any car, it has proved its worth time and again. Other than calling, Bluetooth plays several other important roles with respect to connectivity in your car. And when nothing works, it is Bluetooth that can come to your rescue.

  4. Car Charger: Nothing beats the significance of a car charger when you are travelling with multiple smartphones over longer routes. Despite availability of charging points and USB ports, always keep car chargers with you, these will help you in sorting our charging issues now an then.

  5. Car Video Recorder: Another most essential gadget for your car. Not only will it help you in capturing the picturesque beauty on your path, it will help in keeping a record of other things. IN case, of an accident it will be one of the most useful gadgets.


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