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Nitrogen Vs Standard Air: Which One Is Better For ...

07 July 2015, 06:30 PM

The composition of standard air goes this way: 70 per cent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, CO2, water vapour, and small traces of noble gases. So, if we can keep other gases aside, air is composed by nitrogen to a large extent. Therefore, their usage is preferred over standard air for tyres. There is a long list of compelling reasons that direct towards use of pure nitrogen air in tyres. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • First of all, nitrogen has a lower tendency of escaping through rubber as compared to normal air. So, filling nitrogen in place of air pressure in your car tyres will ensure longevity and extended life for your tyres. Though it is not a common practice for cars in India, many people especially racers prefer using nitrogen vs standard air for tyres.

  • Nitrogen can also benefit passenger cars by offering more stable pressure. However, humidity in tyres is a bad thing, presence of water in any form whether vapor or liquid can cause steep changes in pressure as temperature swings from one point to another. It also leads to corrosion of aluminum rim and steel. Nitrogen filling can easily remove water vapor from tyres ensuring a longer and stable tenure without much stress.

  • As per some studies, under-inflated tires reduce the fuel efficiency of a given vehicle by 0.3 per cent. Nitrogen loses pressure at a far lower rate than normal air; therefore, it is advised to fill tyres with nitrogen than normal air.

  • When air pressurizes, the water vapor present in it turns into liquid and gets collected in tyre’s air storage tank. So whenever compressed air is added to it, water comes along automatically. When tyres spin at a high temperature, water present in it turns into vapor and expands with higher intensity adding extra air pressure in tyres. Nitrogen, being a dry gas doesn’t lead to such pressure fluctuation ensuring better stability on roads.

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