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Guide On Easy Installation Of Baby Car Seats...

29 October 2015, 05:05 PM

One of the biggest protections for your child during a collision or crash is a safely secured child seat. Therefore, it is imperative to have complete knowledge of how to install a baby car seat properly. Here is a brief guide for all those looking for some assistance to secure a child seat in their car.

  1. Get Acquainted With The Latch System: Latching is referred to attaching of tethers and anchors with metal latches and hooks with the rear seat of a vehicle. In case, the combined weight of your kid and the seat exceeds 65 pounds, make sure to use a seat belt to secure the seat.

  2. Importance Of Instructions: Always make sure to go through the users’ manual before beginning with the installation. It is one of the easiest ways to understand the installation method.

  3. Know the Types of Child Car Seats: There are mainly two types of infant seats: the rear facing seats which are suitable for kids up to 12 months old. The other one is a convertible car seat that is meant for elder kids. These ones are little more complicated as they include more straps and need stronger restraining techniques.

  4. How To Install A Car Seat: You car start by placing the seat in rear seat and ensuring the straps and tethers are tightly attached to the car. Ensure the seatbelt is without any twists when strapped. It is important to set the right reclining angle of the seat, for a better fitting you can always choose the seat that comes with in-built adjuster.

  5. How To Secure A Kid: While securing the car seat always be careful that the your child has his or her bottom and back flat in the car seat. Keep the carrier straps tightly attached without any twists. If you see any gap between your kid’s groin and the seat buckle, always take care to keep a washcloth or a diaper to fill the space.

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