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A Complete Guide To Sell Your Car At Ease...

09 February 2015, 01:15 PM

If you want to sell your car, and are confused about how to proceed, then you are at the correct place. Just go through this used car selling guide, and get make your process simpler:

  1. Paperwork – It is very important to first ensure that you have all the required paperwork for the car in perfect condition before you proceed with further steps. If any legal document is missing, then this can prove to be a big hurdle in your mission of selling your car. The important documents include title transfer, car license, purchase bill, release of liability and smog certification, etc. It is not only the buyers but also the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the transaction satisfies all the legal rules and regulations. This is the most important car selling tip.

  1. Evaluate your vehicle – Once you have gathered the paperwork, you should research about your particular car model. Try to find out the present market rate of that particular, and estimate the approximate cost of a used car.

  1. Research – You may be wondering why ‘research’ found its place again in this set of car selling tips. This is because this time you will have to perform a different sort of research. Research as if you want to buy that particular car model. What are the things that you will check? Use the answer to this question to create a brief overview of your car and set its price accordingly.

  1. Asking price – The asking price of your car is an important factor in deciding how soon your car will be sold. The price should depend on the condition of the car, mileage, special features, accessories, location and fuel economy, etc. If you want to increase the price, then you can repaint your car and remove some defects present in the model.

  1. Where to sell? – The next thing that comes to your mind is where to sell the car. The answer to this question depends both on you and your car. If you are unwilling to travel long distances for selling your car then just skip this point, and go for the online route. Else, you should decide the location according to the market condition. Some cars are sold better in some particular places.

  1. Meeting with the buyer and negotiating the price – Not much needs to be said about this.

  1. Closing the deal – Once you have finalised on the price, it is the time to accept the payment and a written statement of transaction.

You can follow these used car selling tips to find some better and safer car deals. 

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