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Introduction To DC Design And Its founder...

14 March 2014, 02:57 PM

DC Design is like an Indian diplomat representing the country on a global platform for prototypes and concept cars.  The company was founded by one automotive design enthusiast named Dilip Chhabria. The brand shot to fame in 2004 Detroit Auto Show when the company showcased the first Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage prototype under contract from the Ford Motor Company. 

Founder of DC Design, Dilip Chhabria holds a degree in Transportation Design from Pasadena, California, USA. Before venturing into accessory business and being the largest auto manufacturers in India, Chhabria has worked at the Design Centre for General Motors, USA. His company, DC Design accepts special orders for custom built vehicles. DC Design has partnered with Eximstar, an ETA Group company, to build a 5,00,000 square foot production facility in Dubai. The company is known to operate a special Automobile Designing Institute named as DC – DYP. This institution runs in association with Dr D Y Patil University in Pune, Maharashtra.

Some of the prominent work done by DC Design are:

  1. Car designed for Abbas Mastan Movie “Tarzan – The wonder car”
  2. 2010 special edition Tata Nano
  3. Second generation of DC Lounge Fortuner released in August 2013
  4. Special body kit for the Indian version of Toyota Fortuner
  5. External and Internal makeover of Mahindra XUV 500 in August 2012. Interestingly the car featured 150 degrees reclining seating chairs and interior lighting.
  6. Impressive vanity vans for actors like Shahrukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt
  7. The latest car from the DC line is the “DC Avanti”. The car has been coined as an economical sports car and is offered at an impressive price tag of Rs. 25,00,000.

The brand DC Design is not just prominent within the Indian circuit. Their designs have been acclaimed Internationally and also has features in Hollywood movies. One such movie namely the James Bond – Die Another Day featured the modified version of Aston Martin Vanquish. DC Design has also been imbibed by Audi cars globally. Some new cars in India have also borrowed designing cues from the renowned Indian designer. The Indian origin car designer is also known to implement most unique car features and specifications in his creation. 

The company also builds custom special order vehicles, such as a modified Porsche Cayenne coupe and a modified Rolls Royce coupe. In August 2006, the company announced a partnership with Eximstar, an ETA Group company, to build a 500,000-square-foot (46,000 m2) production facility in Dubai. The facility, scheduled to open in 2007, will produce custom luxury cars.

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