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December 29, 2014 17:03

The car driving population of India is more than the entire number of people living in a lot of countries. This fact is one of the main reasons why giving car driving tips in India are really important in order to ensure safety and security of the highest order. A large number of road accidents take place each year and many of them happen due to lack of attention paid by the drivers, over acceleration and breaking of traffic rules. Safe driving campaigns are run all over the world by car manufacturers and one of the main things that are neglected is the optimum driving distance.  Road safety tips given by experts should be adhered to by all drivers.

Defining the perfect driving distance is really tough and it differs from country to country. Since there cannot be a particular distance that can be claimed as the optimum, the number is determined in terms of time, thereby making it easier for drivers to understand. Car driving tips in India given by experts always claim that the optimum distance between vehicles depends entirely on the speed. Road safety tips include driving at speeds that are at par with the limit set by authorities.  In fact, in a country like India, safe driving manuals suggest that during congested situations, one should drive at speeds lower than the higher limit.

In several countries across the world, the two-second rule of thumb is used to determine the ideal safe driving distance. According to this rule, a time of two seconds should always be present between the two vehicles one behind the other. If car driving tips in India are adhered to by drivers, the number of accidents will be reduced by a great deal. Another theory in place for a safe driving distance is that there should be the length of a vehicle for each eight kilometres per hour speed.

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