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Tips On Maintaining A Used Car...

07 October 2014, 04:30 PM

After buying a car, the real job of the owner is to look after its maintenance. What’s even tougher is to take care of a used car. People prefer to initially buy used cars in India as they are not much aware about the pros and cons of owning a car. After getting knowledge about the same, they try their hand on the new one. If not bought from a reliable source, a used car might be pretty heavy on the pocket.

The common idea that strikes everyone’s mind while telling about car maintenance tips is servicing the vehicle at regular intervals. But this is the bitter truth of owning a car that maintenance does not end here. There are several points which one has to consider and follow a car maintenance guide for the well-being of their vehicle. Considering the kind of roads in which our vehicle has to go every day, it is important for all of us to know how to maintain the car in India. When we talk about used cars in India, such vehicles require more attention and maintenance as compared to a new one.

Following are some of the car maintenance tips or a car maintenance guide that is to be considered for a long life of your vehicle:

  • Tune up the car regularly, at least once in a month. If the vehicle is not properly tuned, it will consume at least 20% more fuel that it should yearly.

  • Not only during servicing, it is also important to check and change (if necessary) the oil and oil filter of the car. After every 2000-3000 kilometres, the oil levels should be checked and changed.

  • Another important thing that must be regularly analysed is the tyre pressure. It should also be checked once in a month as well. Low tyre pressure can make your vehicle consume more fuel up to 4%-6%.

  • Make sure that the engine air filter is checked and changed (if required) every month. Air filter can be cleaned by removing and blowing away the accumulated dust particles.

  • It is also recommended to use specific fuel type and tyres for your vehicle. Always take advice of your car engineer in case don’t have right knowledge.

  • We must keep in mind that no matter what, a car is nothing more than a machine which has an average life span. If your car is not road-worthy and its maintenance cost is more than the cost of the fuel it consumes, then it is time for it to rest.

These car maintenance tips are effective for new cars and used cars in India. We all are well-aware of the condition of traffic and roads in the country and hopefully this car maintenance guide is helpful to you.

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