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Tips On Driving A Car In Strong Wind...

07 October 2014, 04:54 PM

The monsoon season is about to arrive and few of the places are expected to receive heavy amounts of rainfall. This season is greeted with thunderstorms and strong-gushing winds, which make life uneasy for pedestrians as well as drivers. These strong winds force the small trees and other objects to move freely in the air; thus, causing hindrance in the movement of a vehicle. People buying new cars are usually a bit cautious regarding their vehicle and tend to drive a bit safely. Even the people owning used cars in India do not want their models to get ruined during such heavy wind. However, there are a few tips on driving car in strong wind and the same can be taken care of by all the drivers. These driving tips ensure the safety of the car as well as occupants inside it and allow the driver to conveniently reach at his destination.

  1. To avoid the drive in high winds, people are firstly advised to plan their trips according to the weather outside. The weather conditions can be checked on the internet or through the radio and travelling can be done accordingly. These weather updates are also important as they provide information about the routes, which have been closed due to any problem. By knowing all such details, people would certainly find a secure road to drive.

  1. One of the most important driving tips is to always reduce the speed of the car and keep full focus on the road ahead in case of strong winds. The heavy winds might bring along heavy objects, such as small trees, plastic, metal etc., along with them. In case one has to drive in high winds, then having full concentration on the road will allow him/her to avoid any obstacle and easily cruise the car amidst blowing objects.

  2. The head and tailwinds of a car might affect the driving experience in case of heavy wind. It is among the essential tips on driving car in strong wind to not press the accelerator too hard as it might affect the efficiency of the engine. While the headwind opposes the movement of the car in strong wind, the tailwind allows it to move freely amidst heavy breeze. Pressing the revs too much will allow the car to waste excess of energy and fuel; thus, decreasing its mileage.

  1. Keeping a wide gap from the car ahead is also among the significant driving tips one should keep in mind during adverse weather conditions. People who drive in high winds have the risk of coming across any large object, which will force them to suddenly apply breaks. If a car is being driven very closely to the vehicle ahead, such a condition might bring a nasty collision; thus, causing problems for the occupants.

  2. The last of the tips on driving car in strong wind is to be conscious and close all the windows of the vehicle. People tend to start enjoying the weather in some instances but they are unaware what's coming in the way. It is always advised to be safe and sound in the car, and lock all its doors and windows to avoid any dreadful occurrence.

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