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New Supercapacitor To Improve Speed In Electric Ve...

18 July 2014, 10:19 AM

The global automotive industry has been witnessing a radical shift in the variety of designs and technologies employed in a vehicle. Manufacturers are focussing more on the aspect of automobile technology owing to the changing demands of modern generation buyers. A disparate range of methods are being applied in order to improve car's mileage, passenger safety and engine efficiency. Recently a new type of technology has been unveiled by the researchers that can be used as an effective alternative to power electric vehicles.

In the past, scientists had successfully discovered a device, called supercapacitator, which could store energy just like batteries and fuel cells. Although, this type of alternative was tested in electric vehicles, it wasn't deemed an achievement. However, with the evolution in technical field, these researchers have now created a new type of supercapacitator in cars that can be much more powerful and durable than a normal battery pack. Recent developments have shown that by using new nano-materials in a supercapacitator, its energy levels can be increased to a much greater level.

The new supercapacitator in cars will be based on a nano-scale metal oxide, which helps in improving power and performance. By changing the basic architecture of these supercapacitators, scientists have found out that these alternatives can have a larger charging life than normal batteries. With a new coating of graphene foam, these supercapacitators can have a better charging/discharging rate, high density, high power output, longer life cycle and high durability. This type of automobile technology is first-of-its-kind and is anticipated to be soon applied in the electric vehicles. These battery-pack alternatives will not only be providing swift acceleration but will also improve car's mileage to a large scale.

While researching, these supercapacitators were charged over 8000 times but did not result in fading or loss in energy. The researchers have claimed that the new supercapacitator in cars will have a greater regenerative breaking capacity, enhanced life-cycle, easy maintenance, more eco-friendly nature and very lightweight. Such type of automobile technology will also be cost-effective as the supercapacitators already have a growing market in the world. It is expected that after arrival, these alternatives will also be used to power the electric cars in India. All the efforts have borne fruitful results for the researchers and they are still striving to enhance the quality of these devices in each aspect.

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