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Concussion Detection For Car Accidents - Car Tech ...

12 September 2014, 03:05 PM

There are a lot of inventions take place on daily basis, most of them are done by those people who have a huge experience behind them, but how many of you heard any invention been done by a 16-years old kid. Everyone is aware that lot of people die because of concussions in case of a car accident. Due to less knowledge and awareness of it, they can't find a solution on time which leads to death. If someone makes concussion detection for car accidents possible, then things can be changed.

Even after living in an era of advanced automobile technology, nobody expected that Justin Krell would be the one to find the concussion detection device for cars. In his words, he was merely interested in doing things that could save others lives. With the help of Hi Tech technology, he has invented a device that can detect if somebody has suffered from concussion during a car accident. The device is based on an advanced car technology and take into consideration the total G-Force experienced by the sufferer.

Introduction of advanced level of car technology makes it possible for this device to then compare the level of G-Force with different concussions or any other brain injuries. He said while giving interview to a tech site that everyone had a different kind of body and mind. Due to this reason, some people can feel concussion very early, while others take time. This device can be installed in a car after some changes, which will enable the car technology to detect any major concussion during an accident.

Automobile technology has improved a lot in last one decade or so, but no company ever thought about any such device or technology that could detect concussion. The invention of a sixteen year old high school kid has attracted eyes of all the major car companies from across the globe. Everyone wants to make this tool a part of automobile technology that is offered in a car.

If everything goes fine, then people will be able to experience this tool in new cars in India soon. There are various changes that are to be introduced to make this device stronger and more effective. As soon as it gets green signal from manufacturers, it will be installed in new cars in India and other countries as well. So, if you are planning to buy one of the most efficient new cars in India, then wait for some more time to get this system installed in cars after getting final approval from car manufacturers.

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