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Blind Spot Detection In Audi...

28 May 2014, 10:20 AM

German auto major has always been acknowledged for implementing exclusive technologies in its cars. The company's vast portfolio constitutes some of the most unique innovations, which are present for safety, infotainment and performance aspects. In a bid to enhance its automobile technology, Audi is now integrating its cars with a new feature – Side Assist. This feature enables special driver assistance and allows people to change lanes safely during the day or night. This Side Assist system benefits the driver to also remove the blind spot, which occurs when the rear-view and side-view mirrors are not adjusted properly. Similar features have been present in a number of hi-tech cars in the world but Audi has attempted to take this technology to the day to day user.

The Side Assist feature operates with the help of two radars, which are mounted on either sides of the car and monitor the moving traffic. These radars have a range of approximately 70 metres behind the car and cover the area just ahead of the driver, including the blind spot. The most interesting aspect of this feature is that it is automatically able to calculate if it’s convenient to change lanes just by calculating the distance and speed of the car approaching from behind. If the driver is planning to change lanes, the sensors on that relevant side of the car starts blinking; thus, indicating that changing lanes is not safe at the moment. Even if the driver misses to notice this, the sensors start blinking more vigorously and signify that this manoeuvre is potentially hazardous.

A number of hi-tech cars feature a similar type of automobile technology, the difference being that various companies have assigned different names to it. The Side Assist feature is at present, available in a number of models of the company, such as Audi A4, Q5 and Q7; thus, making them look like a cool car.  Audi had designed this automobile technology specifically for a driver to gain full control over the car and avoid any kind of adversities. The Side Assist feature comes to play when the car is doing more than 30 kmph and has been created to avoid road hazards on highways and motorways. A number of experts believe that this feature has benefited in reducing the roadside accidents to about 80 per cent in some areas.

Notably, this safety feature has been thoroughly assessed by the Euro NCAP, which is an eminent name in safety regulations of vehicles. Several hi-tech cars of the company analysed properly within laboratories to measure the effectiveness of this feature. An equal amount of road-testing was also done by firm before declaring this feature free from any flaws. Although, this technology is absent in the Audi cars in India, the same can be expected to be launched soon. Auto experts unanimously agree that such features in the car help in making the roads safer to drive. What's more is that people, who have used this feature, appreciate it as a significant part of the safety aspect of Audi cars. Expert review on Audi has always been praiseworthy and the same has been achieved by this technology as well. It is anticipated that in the future, a number of cool cars are going to arrive in the domestic market that are going to strengthen the safety of occupants with the availability of these types of features.

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