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Audi – MMI Touch...

06 November 2014, 12:29 PM

The Audi MMI touch screen system or the Audi Multi Media Interface is an in - car user interface media system. It has been developed by Audi itself. The first use of this system was done way back in 2001 in Frankfurt Motor Show. Presently this new automobile technology is being used in all the latest cars launched by Audi.

The Audi Multi Media Interface consists of a single integrated interface that controls various parts and functions of a car or an automobile engine. It has a terminal port and a display screen to see and control the interface manually.

Since it operates a number of parts like electronic components, entertainment parts, which consists traffic management, CD changer, Radio tuner and driver information for car setup and fuel consumption. But depending on the car model, all the functions may not be available for all the cars launched by Audi.

The Audi Multi Media Interface has improved a lot in all these years. Latest introduction of navigation systems in it has made it more innovative. The control of entertainment components along with display system and car information made it further useful. The latest versions have been improved to satisfy the customers and provide a better experience with their Audi cars in India.

Audi MMI touch screen, is a panel which is used to control most of the functions. It is designed in a way that the driver can effortlessly find the buttons and operate it. This automobile technology is not found in any of the competing car companies and makes Audi unique.

When any new technology is introduced, here being Audi MMI touch screen, criticisms come into the light as well. In this case also, though it is user-friendly, it can be a bit difficult to operate while driving. Research is being done to solve this problem. The navigation map might be difficult to open while driving for the driver. Moreover, all the features cannot be found in all the latest series of cars. On the whole, it is a fine technology to introduce in cars for a better experience while driving and easy operation of maps and other entertainment components.

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