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Wash And Wax Car Exteriors...

11 June 2014, 03:10 PM

Maintaining the outer and inner looks of the car are among the primary objects of any vehicle owner so as to make the automobile look young and refreshing for long. A variety of car owners apply different techniques in cleaning their cars to make sure that it is not harmed in any manner. Few people might use chemical liquids while others may be more progressive in utilising various cream s and waxes. Car washing and waxing in India is done by almost all the service centres and local repairing shops.  There are a large number of wash wax car products available in the local market and auto accessories shops. These products are manufactured from a special type of wax, which is mild on the body paint of the car and does not cause it damage in the longer run.

Wax polish for cars is manufactured on a domestic as well as global scale and can cost in between Rs. 500 – Rs. 3000 depending upon the maker. These waxes are created from a synthetic substance or a natural plant and help in retaining the lustre of the car’s exterior while also covering minor scratches. Almost all the cars in India have an exterior surface, which gets corroded or faded after constant usage. These waxes ensure that the paint of the car remains glossy and new as ever even after prolonged usage of the vehicle. However, people must consider a few things before applying the wax directly on the exterior of their car:

  • A soft cotton fabric must always be chosen to wipe-off the dust from the car and then apply the wax.

  • The wax polish for cars must be selected only after reading its description to ensure if it’s apt to be used on outer paint.

  • An orbital polisher or any other suitable applicator must be used with the wash wax car products so as to make sure that they are coated properly all over the vehicle’s body.

It is generally recommended that car washing and waxing should be done only once in 2-3 months and not repeated after every cleaning process. This is due to the fact that the continuous usage of wax might leave a residue coating of the cream on the paint of the car that can be harmful in the future. For optimum results, wax polish for cars is to be used when the outer body starts to get a bit dull in the eyes of an onlooker. Also, these wax products are to be used on the car’s exterior when all the moisture content at the exterior is dried up.

The benefit of using wash wax car products over conventional detergent is that latter has certain harmful chemicals, which can affect the body of the vehicle and also hands of the cleaner. Experts suggest that car washing and waxing should be done in a shadowed region and not directly under the sunlight as the heat impacts the functioning of waxes. People can buy these types of waxes from a large number of auto boutique houses, which specialise in dealing with vehicle maintenance and cleaning products. The wax and wash car exteriors of different vehicles might require different types of wax substances; therefore it is always advised to consult an expert or the shopkeeper before making a final decision.

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