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19 February 2016, 04:32 PM

The maintenance of a vehicle requires taking proper care of all the aspects related to it. Be it the outer body or the interior features or the under-the-hood mechanics, each part of the car should be handled with care so as to ensure its durability. The tyre pressure is one such indispensable feature in the maintenance of car that needs to be given a great amount of attention. Low tyre pressure may lead to reduced mileage of the car as well as an unpleasant driving experience. Such a condition makes the vehicle wobbly and wears out its axle as well as the suspensions in longer run. Several people opt for the nearest mechanical shops or petrol pumps to get their tyre pressure checked. However, there are also sufficient car owners who have the tyre pressure device at their home or in the vehicle itself. Numerous varieties of tyre inflators are available in the domestic auto market and these can be purchased from any accessory shop nearby.

The tire inflators are a simple mechanical device, which quickly fill the air pressure in the tyres to their requisite levels. This device comprises a hose through which air can be passed onto the tyres by manual labour or electric operation. These tyre inflators are largely being used by a number of prospective buyers in India owing to their portability and compactness. Such inflators are easy to be carried in the car and require minimum space for the same. They also come handy if in the midway of a journey, one gets deserted in a remote land and is facing the issue of low pressure in tyres. These tire inflators can be purchased through the accessory outlets or online retail stores in a moderate price range. A variety of these tyre inflators can be found by concerned people and they can easily opt among the best product.

  1. Foot Air Pump: These types of inflators are most commonly used to fill the air in bicycles and two-wheelers. They can also be used in case of a car but might require extra time and effort from the owner. The foot-air pump type tire inflators consist of an air-pressure gauge and a long rubber hose with a hook on one end. These are easily available through any mechanical shops and generally cost between Rs. 150 – Rs. 700.

  2. Electric Tyre Inflator: These types of inflators are mounted with a standard 12V electric compressor, which fills air quickly in the tyres. The knob fitted at one end of these inflators can be connected with the tyre and air can be refilled with minimal effort and time. These inflators can be used for all types of vehicles and can be purchased within a price bracket of Rs. 300 – Rs. 1500.

The utility of this equipment is recognised when a person gets stranded in the middle of the road with no shop nearby to even check the tyre pressure. The used cars in India tend to lose air from their tyres much quickly as compared to the brand new models.

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