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Test Drive The Car Before Purchase...

10 September 2014, 05:30 PM

Car purchasing is a big deal in a country in India, where a majority of customers go through a lot of hard work before actually gathering enough money to procure a vehicle, particularly a four wheeler. Usually, car purchase in India is marked by an event in a person’s life, such as a job promotion, getting married or having kids, which, basically, indicate the progress made. Despite giving so much importance to this event, many Indians do not know how to buy a car because they look for answers to all the wrong questions. A car purchasing guide would want the customer to enquire about engine performance, comfort and driveability but in India people determine who else has bought it and what the name of the brand before anything else is decided. Therefore, going to an expert for new car buying tips is something that everyone who lacks experience should do. Another thing that must be done by people purchasing a new vehicle is to take a car test drive in India.

Now anyone wanting to know how to buy a car would have a few basic questions before eventually making a decision. The first and foremost problem will be which car purchase in India is optimum and the answer is not that tough. A car purchasing guide suggests that the buyer should calculate things like number of passengers, average distance of communication and maximum budget. All these factors are included in new car buying tips and a person should choose a model only after having clarity on them. For instance, a person with only his/her spouse living in the city would preferably choose a hatchback since the distance they ought to travel would be really less and buying an SUV would not make sense. However, taking a car test drive in India with the entire family is something that really helps a person.  

There is another issue, perhaps the biggest, that comes while conducting a car purchase in India. Brand is something of supreme importance for Indian customers but a car purchasing guide says that it should not be a deal breaker. There are many people who go for a Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai model without even taking a car test drive in India, which is the wrong approach. Sometimes, a car less known might suit a person more than a tried and tested model that is hit in the market.

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