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Brake Bleeding...

28 November 2014, 12:08 PM

The process of removing the trapped air inside the brake lines is known as break bleeding. Sometimes there is air or vapor trapped inside the brake lines; particularly in the functioning of hydraulic brakes. During the application of the brakes, hydraulic pressure is required to be developed. When the air is present inside the line, it just gets compressed without applying much pressure at the tires. Sometimes if too much air is there, it leads to a brake failure. So to prevent such dangerous consequences we need to know what is brake bleeding.

The question that arises next is the brake bleeding procedure i.e. how to bleed your brakes? Answer is simple. Just follow the following steps for any automobile to clear out your concepts regarding what is brake bleeding.

  1. Firstly find the bleeder screw at the rear of the caliper body and remove the rubber cap easily. For more information about the location of the screw in your vehicle, consult the auto guide (or vehicle guide).

  1. Place an offset-wrench over the bleeder screw to know how to bleed your brakes.

  1. Now place one end of the hose (to remove the already present brake fluid) over the nipple of the bleeder screw and the other end in a bottle.

  1. Ask any assistant to apply brakes 3-4 times. Meanwhile loosen the bleeder screw at about 1/4th of turn to release the fluid into the bottle.

  1. Important point to remember is that the screw above needs to be opened for just 1 sec or less. Otherwise the brake will come down since the bleeder screw is opened.

  1. Now slowly close the bleeder screw. After this, ask the assistant to release the brakes. Do not release the brakes when the screw is still open as this will suck back the air again.

  1. Do the steps 5-6 times until air trapped inside is released and no air bubbles are there.

  1. Check all the bleeder screws and other fittings to prevent any leaking.

After following the how to bleed your brakes procedure, one can feel the power of recycled brakes, where not much force is required to stop the vehicle.

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