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November 08, 2014 12:05

Vehicle lights and wiper plays an important role in safe driving, if you are not able to see anything or you can’t be seen then that increases the chances of an accident. The role of car lights is that it adds to the benefit of the driver by making it more visible to other cars which are around it especially when it is raining or if it is twilight.

Vehicle lights and wipers have monotonous but a huge role in safe driving. The probability of an accident jumps if someone can’t see or can’t be seen by others, as said by Rich White, who is the executive director of car care council. The wiper system removes any extra or excess amount of water and it cleans the snow, dust, rain water which is upon the windshield to ensure clear visibility through the windshield. Whereas, the car lights ensures the visibility in night, provides signals to other and also alerts the Driver, and supplies light for noticing the instruments and the interior parts of the vehicle. There are some small tips that can help you and keeps you safe, such as, always keep headlights, tail lights and signal lights neat and clean, dust and debris can blur the functioning of car.

Initial windshield wipers were conducted manually by moving a lifter which is in the car only. Presently, most of the people use auto wiper system. These wipers automatically clean the windows, moving back and forth crosswise the windshield and they sweep the water on windshield. They moves amazingly fast when they are at their highest speed; they make the car tremble from side to side. LED lights for cars are usually red and yellow in rear lamps. LEDs are also used in headlamps of car which provides better lighting performance. There are various advantages of LEDs and why they stand out. For example its light temperature accomplishes daylight quality, it has exceedingly high lifetime and is more long lasting than the complete vehicle’s life, has compellingly curtailed energy consumption and much more. LED headlamps are far better and more cars are getting this as company finds its extremities with the recent technology. At present, there are around twenty car models on road with LED headlamps; some of the branded cars like Audi A8 and A6 have projector headlamps. Hella is the major producer of LED headlamps.


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