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Vento Highline Diesel

By Avinash Nair on 25 March 2014

Car's Age: 1-3 years


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 4
Interior 2
Ride Quality 3
Maintenance 2000/ month
Mileage (city) 14 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 18 KMPL

Detailed Volkswagen Vento Review

What's Good?

Very sturdy build quality. Feels very safe inside. Fit and finish is superb as compared to most Korean/Japanese cars in India. the diesel engine is fantastic - very thrifty thanks to the great gear ratios which make it easy to drive in slow traffic. The turbo kicks in early and combined with the torque, lets you enjoy power when you need it. The gear lever is a pleasure, almost moves itself smoothly and surely.

What can improve?

The boot touches road humps when you have people and/or luggage in the back. Painfully irritating in cities which don't have good roads. The audio system is a joke, not even close to what you should be getting for the price you are paying. The cost of maintenance is very high - annual service cost is 12000-15000. If you have an accident, the cost is scary unless you have bumper-to-bumper insurance which itself is very expensive. Also drinks engine oil. You have to keep an eye on it and usually have to top it up in between services.

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (2/5)


Ride Quality (3/5)


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