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By Krishna Muralidhar on 31 July 2011

I had booked and purchased a highline Vento at Trivandrum after a presentation and test drive at Mumbai since I was shifting to Tvm. The Sales Exec. at Mumbai promised all type of accessories with highline since it was to be a fully loaded car for the higher price. But at Tvm they gave me a highline with only built in features charging me even for mud flaps. There was a 15 mts handing the books and papers procedure and I was packed off with the car without even an offer of a tea. Real high end service Rs 10 lakh purchase. I hope this is not German brand of curtesy. For this price for highline, Company can provide some basic features instead of calling assecessories which some dealers provide and others refuse.Since reverse gear is on the same side of 1st gear it is essential to have reverse music and indicator when in reverse mode. This is a basic safety feature since many times in my car gear slips to reverse instead of 1st. Dealers will slowly kill Volkswagen brand by thier approach and attitude. Company beware.

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