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Vw Polo

By Nik on 14 May 2012

Pros: sporty looks, classy interiors, solid body, sufficient boot space.

Cons: back seat leg space can be more, no option of fitting fog lights and rear wiper in base model.

Interiors best in class, compared with other cars in same segment, you will not get the type of material, quality of stuff used inside. No fancy speedometer or Bluetooth(which u can any time get as an accessory). Simple and classy is what I would like to say.

Each instrument is fitted as if it was meant to be there. Good steering wheel, good reflexes. When you close the doors you feel a 'thud' which indicates the solid material used in car body.

POLO is balance of beauty and mileage. Best hatch would give you around 17 kmpl. But the real potential of car depends how a person drives, i.e. usage of clutch, breaks and gears. I get an average of 15+ on highway and in city 12-14 kmpl.

Acceleration is not a problem with this car it is decent. Does what it has to do accelerate. It might not be the best but still it is not the worst.

When on highways you can compete with any hatch or sedan around. 140 kmpl can be touched easily.

AC is good, does not give you a Siachen feel. But offcourse cools the car.

The fronts look of POLO makes you feel as a owner of a sedan. You might see only diff between VENTO and POLO is the rear space.

Seats are comfortable and 5 people can easily travel.

Boot space is awesome in the hatch segment, if you do not believe go ahead and measure every hatch. Also don't just believe on what sales guy tells you, but actually check the size.
I had experience where a sales guy overrated the boot space of a car, but my eyes could not justify it when I saw it in actual.

A man does not choose a car, its a car which chooses its owner.

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