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Hold on before Polo

By madjack on 25 October 2010

Hey hold on before you go for the polo. There are a few things you shud consider. Have you sat in it in the backseat? It has very little leg space. It has good storage space and is longer than some other cars in that range, but the rear seat is very uncomfortable to sit. To make more space, they have cut the seat foam at an angle to give you more space, but that has a problem, since the seat foam has been cut, the thigh support is reduced, so there is sitting fatigue in a short time. For some reason none of the sites or mags are talking abt it..maybe VW is advertising too much. My friend has been having a prob that the car(2 month old) is dragging to the left. And after repeated trips to the dealer, VW engineer has been summoned..lets see what happens.

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