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old & sold but still want to own one

By Rushi Rockr on 18 May 2015

Car's Age: more than 10 years


Overall Rating 3
Exterior 3
Interior 4
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 5500/ month
Mileage (city) 11 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 14 KMPL

Detailed Toyota Qualis Review

What's Good?

reliability is good, gives mileage of 14 kmpl on highway,easy to maintain,easy to use, boxy shape, ride quality is good,a/c gave a chilled cooling and i think qualis in India was the first vehicle which had double a/c(roof a/c), still runs smooth on roads even after 14 years and 7,23,891 kms clocked on odometer and still has a good resale demand and it had a cheap price on-road price in delhi was nearly 7 lacs in 2001 for gs(top model) and sold it for 2 lacs(in U.P) in may was a popular and mostly seen car on roads in last decade & still some people loved to own it ate up the sales of sumos and other old jeeps including marshal and armada(armada was a flop one). these vehicles were seen alot common on roads, it took them 6-7 years but qualis only took a two year period to become equally common on roads and doubled in next last three years which was most commonly seen on roads from 2000-2005 and was still seen most commonly on roads till was also used by police dept., government vehicles,call-centre and even daya,abhijeet & acp pradyuman & crime petrol teamm also loved to used it & yes, never forget the tour operators.

What can improve?

toyota stopped its production in 2005 they upgraded qualis into innova, i still wish toyota re-launches it back to roads with new looks in its box shape. improvements needed in its headlights as it is an old technique which is not so effective against new vehicles. tyres size should be increased and suspension in place of leaf-spring(pata,old technique). also pick-up is slow or OK(OK if compared to sumo's bolero's and tavra's).i hope toyota fulfill my wishes as there are still many people who wish to own a new Qualis or atleast supply its original toyota spares all over india in every spare part shop so atleast people can use the old one with new and genuine spares but it's discontinued so its original spares(toyota spares) are supplied only in big cities or urban cities but not in rural cities that too at high prices whhich every qualis owner did'nt like and chose for local spares(local spares were also good but not the best as compared to toyota parts). we serviced it and renewed the vehicle in 2012 for 75k and it looked like new but unfortunately in 2015, NGT(here in delhi) made a ban on diesel vehicles for 10 years and older vehicles to not to ply on roads of delhi-ncr so i had to sell it in Uttar Pradesh.

Exteriors (3/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

it was boxy in shape which was good for space but it looked out-dated but it still looked better than compared to bolero's and sumo's. toyota can make a change in lights,grille,and bumpers and tail-lights,some new type of design in its box shape and new graphic stickers or even old will do.( if they are in mood to launch it again)

interiors in higher models were good,leather coated door pads and 8 seater in which third row seat was front facing but in lower models,interior was standard like bolero and sumo. But in this zamana(decade), interior is old and outdated as compared to new vehicles.

it had an excellent ride quality which i can never forget. & engine performance?? koi shak? it had a good performance even policewala's owned it in hundred's.

baap, baap hota hai!

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