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With Toyota Prius, I predict many accidents with this poor dashboard design..

By Whoofer on 31 December 2009

The Gages are too far from the driver, way too small in relation to the distance to the driver and most importantly, too far off center in relation to the steering wheel. It takes more time while observing the gages to refocuses on the road at 65 miles mph than to look straight up from gages placed directly in front of the driver. This will cause much eye fatigue as well as accidents. Mark my words.. Now will Toyota engineers see this design flaw and correct it? Probably not because the little guy who sees e-mail observation will never send it to the CEO who really needs to know before someone get hurt.

I was going to buy this car but since I drove it, I have changed my mind.

I have three Toyotas in my family. A 2006 Toyota Sienna Mini Van LE I bought new a few years ago, a 2003 Celica, and a 1996 Toyota Camry LE. .The most comfortable and pleasant and non obtrusive Dashboard design was the 1996 Toyota Camry which was for the most part successfully copied thirteen years later in the Sienna Van.

Do this placement digitally on the Prius and you will have a winner. For now I have decided to hold off buying this 2010 model Prius. And please put a door on that closet!

Other than these two issues, your car is near perfect.

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