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Reliability = Innova

By Bharat Prajapati on 31 July 2013

Car's Age: 3-5 years


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 5
Interior 5
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 1500/ month
Mileage (city) 10 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 12 KMPL

Detailed Toyota Innova Review

What's Good?

The Moment you open the doors to this MUV and sit on one of the most comfortable seats offered by the automobile industry, you just feel to sink in the seats and sleep off like a baby. May it be your 500 KM travel or the regular family in-city outing. This car does it all. And that too in the most fashionable and luxurious way. The leg-space you get when sitting in the back seats is tremendous! And for all, the engine is so refined that that you wouldn't notice the sound of it.

What can improve?

What can definitely be improved in this car is the milage of it. Though @ an avg. 11 KMPL, its not bad at all considering the 2 litre engine it powers up but it would be nice to get at least something above 12.5 KMPL. Now that it has actually been 10 years almost that the car was introduced, one would definitely think that the looks of the car be completely changed now.

Exteriors (5/5)


Interiors (5/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

Even with Toyota continuously introducing facelifts in the car, the overall looks have more or less been the same. The bonnet is relatively not lengthy and unlike the Mahindra Xylo, the Toyota Innova is not 'BOXY" shaped as well. This leads you to believe that you are indeed not driving a Tata Sumo instead.

The colours used in the interior are very rich. Beige with a hint of Grey on the dash board. This has fit quite well the aura of the car. It makes the whole experience of the car luxurious. The quality of plastics used is also quite great indeed. The placement of storage places and bottle holders is perfect for the ones travelling in the car.

Be it going at a smooth speed of 80 KmPH or be it speeds as high as 140-150 KmPH. The stability of this car is ingenious. There are so less vibrations that if any lesser you'd be confused whether you're driving a petrol car or a diesel one. The ride is absolutely smooth and small bumps and pot holes will come and go by without you even noticing. Long journeys that generally make one tired are no more the same with this car. I had driven from Ahmedabad to Mumbai (550 Kms), non-stop, and yet i was fresh and fit when i reached Mumbai after the 7 hrs drive.


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