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Etios entry level sedan: Disappointment for owner.

By myetios Munish on 28 June 2011

Etios entry level sedan: Disappointment for owner.

Etios is an incomplete vehicle like a baby born prematurely. It is having a moderate engine with decent dynamics but cost cutting in other areas specially related to comfort has resulted in a half cooked product.

As for being categorized as an economical product: I feel that as compared to other Toyota it is economical . But compared with its peers it is not a economy product and by no stretch of imagination can be described as value for money product.

Once euphoria over Toyota badge goes, then Toyota will have to pull up its socks and improve Etios in many areas.

The reduction in the quality of dampers and insulating material has made possible all the oscillations from the engine to get inside the passenger cabin and create nuisance for the driver.

Strangely but true Toyota people try to escape the flaws in Etios by merely giving the excuse that it is priced less and that is why the problems are there. This is really insulting for the customer who has spent all his hard earned money for the Toyota brand.

Please understand that I have however spent 7.5 Lakh on procuring this vehicle and this is no way lower price that I have paid for buying Etios.If Toyota is facing any quality issues with the Etios they should admit it as they have done it gracefully in other parts of the world.

I own Toyota Etios and there is no comfort. I still prefer to drive my 11 years old WagonR. My new Toyota Etios Sedan vibrates as if a tractor engine is fitted inside it. Remember it is a Petrol Engine.

The worst part is that Toyota company engineers are not acknowledging the problems which are visible with naked eye to them. Toyota Engineers could not diagnose the problem. Unless the problem in my etios is diagnosed, it can not be rectified.

We always prefer petrol over diesel fuel run vehicles because we do not mind spending more money on fuel and we do not like Engine Noise and Vibration.But in Toyota Etios Sedan you pay more for Petrol fuel and face the Engine Noise and Vibrations.

The vehicle lacks proper insulation and dampers used in the engine compartment which can reduce the engine noise inside the passenger cabin. The Etios design fails in this field as lot of noise is heard from engine and the tyres and road, inside the passenger cabin which causes irritation. After driving for few kilometers the vibrations get more intense and are felt through steering, dashboard, side arm rest and seats as they vibrate and make the journey tiring and boring for driver and passengers as well. This Vibration effect increase as the AC is switched "OFF". You can live with it in Summers but what will happen in Winters?.

The other drawbacks include the absence of Weather gaskets in all the four doors. The absence of the gaskets make it convenient for dust, insects, lizards, cockroaches to get inside the Toyota Etios Sedan.

Moreover the inside gaskets stick to the door in a manner that if you open the door after the gap of even 2 days, the door becomes very hard to open as the rubber gasket stick on the open-able door surface.and also the Quality of the paint is very poor, which just gets away as soon as it come in contact with any surface. The average is also close to half as claimed by Toyota.

I am surprised that after researching for 5 years in India and designing a vehicle as per the Indian standard conditions the Toyota Etios Sedan fails to impress in terms of the price being paid.

I trusted Toyota and booked the vehicle even before physically seeing the vehicle, also finalized the color of the etios without seeing the actual color.This shows the faith that I have in Toyota products, but the irresponsible response of the engineers who inspected my vehicle has made me lose faith in Toyota customer support.

Toyota Etios Sedan does not deserve to be even categorised a "SEDAN" as it does not provide basic comfort. It is by the virtue of the design that it is called "SEDAN"

Toyota Etios Sedan occupies more space on Road, but not in owner's heart.

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