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Impressions of Etios!

By yogesh on 04 December 2010

First Impression.. Typical of Toyota
- Pathetic Design
- Cover-up via Commitment to Quality
- Killer pricing
- Kitna Deti hain?

Given the success of Swift-Dzire and the x-tended/booted Indica (not to mention acceptance of Logan), Etios will find its takers despite the Design Flaws.
Toyota's right in saying they have developed Etios after an extensive research of the Indian market. However I'd beg to differ on their claim (taking a dig at MS, Tata, VW & Fiat) that its a unique design for a Sedan rather than a Boot-Job. Either ways they ridicule themselves, for the so-called exclusive design is no more than a crooked match-box nor is it a seamless integration with the hatchback as in case of Fiat & VW.

Q-class being what they claim it to be everything they offer is and shall be "Best-in Class". Be it the i-10 like seats without a separate head-rest or the abyssmal choice of interior color scheme. The engine performance can only be judged at the behest of the Innovators and Early Adopters. However, knowing Toyota, there's little doubt over meeting or even surpassing expectations.

Starting at 5 Lacs customers will queue up even at the cost of waiting time running into months. After all the Toyota Badge can't get any cheaper. And unlike the Logan(which comes closest to Etios on all fronts but the engine) it does seemed well placed to cut through the Dzires and Indigos.

A claim of 17kmpl definitely gives an edge above the usual alternates.

All in all the Etios does checks most boxes for a Sedan-Aspirant, not to mention the bells n whistles offered on the safety front. It won't come as a surprise if it breaks a few Box-office records and will definitely impact the April launch of the hatchback

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