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Good! but ended up with trouble

By Amith K Makkuva on 02 June 2017

Car's Age: 1-3 years


Overall Rating 3
Exterior 4
Interior 5
Ride Quality 5
Maintenance 0/ month
Mileage (city) 12 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 18 KMPL

Detailed Tata Zest Review

What's Good?

Built Quality Ride Comfort Music System Paint Job High Ground Clearance

What can improve?

Fog lamp cover quality Boot light is missing Rat mesh facility could be an added advantage Better Mileage

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (5/5)


Ride Quality (5/5)


Overall Comments

Built quality is strong. I keep the car outside under a tree and open to dust and rain. But for 2.5 years the car has not lost the shine and every time I wash the car it looks brand new. Paint job is excellent. The problem I faced were the Fog lamps. The holding pins broke in 1 year tenure. I had to stick it with glue as the whole set had to be changed for the protective cover. I met with minor city bumper kissing accidents and not a scratch on it. Even though the bumper pops out after the impact I could push it back with a gentle push to lock it up.

Brilliant interior finishing. The plastic is good to the price range. Music lovers will love the Harman audio system and the external/traffic or wind blast sound is almost 90% cut and you could enjoy the music while long drives.

High way cursing is stable. I have been at speeds up to 145 in highway and it sticks to the road like a gum and doesn’t jump off like other similar segment cars. Though there is not much of a feedback to the steering you will still enjoy the ride on bumpy roads. The suspension is pretty good and managed to absorb the most before it could be felt for the people sitting inside.

Now coming to the flip-side of my vehicle with a long-term ownership - 22,000 KMs in 2 years 5 months. I own this XMS model from 2014 Dec which is the initial launch of the vehicle, 1. The suspension really gets accumulated with small particles and you feel like something has broken when you bump your car into a pothole or gutter roads Solution: You need to keep washing the suspension which forces the dust particles or mud 2. Mileage is a concern. It sometimes goes to 8km/l in traffic conditions and max I achieved is 12.5km/l with Eco mode in city traffic conditions Solution: Do not cross 1500 RPM inside city 3. The engine cuts off while driving in bumper to bumper traffic while using clutch to move in busy traffic. Solution: Not yet determined for 1 year now, these are my questions for this issue and I hope someone can answer the below situation. I would like to know about the initial pick up in traffic - City Mode. Whenever you are using half clutch does the RPM drop to below 500? What is the idling RPM while at stand still? Is it below 1000 rpm or above? The reason I am asking is because at the initial 1st year, I never used the accelerator while driving in peak traffic. The half clutch drive was doing the job pretty well. During the 2nd year I had to use the old tradition style by using the accelerator and release the clutch to move forward. Which is irritating in peak hours. Is it a problem with all the Tata Zest vehicles or something wrong with my vehicle or its commons for vehicles after a certain period of time? I have complained regarding this to the service center and company `n` number of times and they end up updating the ECU and said the issue is fixed, unfortunately never fixed. I got fed up leaving my vehicle at work shop for days. Is there a solution to this problem!!!

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