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Santosh Nair Santosh Nair Monday 25 July 2016

Tata Tiago

Over the two months that our long term Tata Tiago diesel has been serving us relentlessly, we have driven it for more than 2510km so far. While our previous long term report mentioned how it took to its city duties, this review will highlight the Tiago’s long distance capabilities and here’s our experience..

What we liked..

Tata Tiago

A well designed suspension coupled with a large profile tyres help this hatch soak up bumps on the highway with a poise seen on bigger cars. It is only the sharper undulations that filter through slightly. It needs to be mentioned that the suspension feels sturdy and silently goes about its job.

Tata Tiago

We downloaded the Connectnext app on our smartphone to test the navigation feature on the eight speaker Harman music system. As soon as the smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, voice prompts from the phones Map app is neatly amplified through the music system.

Tata Tiago

Though the Tiago Revotorq emits a reasonable amount of diesel engine clatter that is audible on the outside, superior insulation strains it and only an acceptable amount of clatter can be heard in the cabin. In fact, it is only when the motor is worked to its limit that passengers can hear the diesel motor vividly.

Tata Tiago

We really liked it when the rear wipers started functioning on their own when the reverse gear is actuated. This happens only when the front wipers are already in use.

Tata Tiago

We loaded the boot to the gills with three backpacks and two suitcases before heading out on the highway with three adults and two children on board. We used the City mode throughout and only a slight drop in power was experienced.

What we didn’t like..

Tata Tiago

Despite the light and predictable steering, there is some vagueness around the straight ahead position. Due to this the car tends to feel numb around the dead centre, especially when you pick up the pace.

Tata Tiago

We learnt that the boot always needs more force and at least two irritating tries to have it shut successfully. Also, there’s no external boot release, and that can bring some inconvenience as one has to keep reaching out for the release lever within the cabin.

Tata Tiago

With the monsoon season in full swing, the wipers are of prime importance to maintain visibility. However, a rickety noise from the wiping operation has limited the use of any speed over ‘intermediate’.

Tata Tiago

One of the fog lamps is decidedly dimmer than the other and manages to focus elsewhere. These characteristics give away the wrong impression and is definitely avoidable.

Tata Tiago

With a number of photo shoots outside the city, the Tiago kept being busy with its designated chores. In fact, on one such shoot, our Tiago had to play catch up with the Audi R8 to fulfil its duties! On that day, our photographer: Kapil, shot the upcoming Kite5 alongside the R8 while the driver was enjoying the sight of Kapil seated in the open boot of the moving Tiago. We have spent some quality time in this hatchback, and can easily say that it has the competence to make it big.

Now time for some of our stats..

Date acquired: 19th May 2016 Odometer reading when acquired: 540km Current odometer reading: 3050km Fuel efficiency: 15.48kmpl (City), 18.27kmpl (Highway)

 Tata Tiago

Photo Courtesy By : Kapil Angane and Santosh Nair

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