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Nano is a reasonably good car in it's price tag.

By Soumak Bera on 04 September 2013

Car's Age: 3-6 months


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 4
Interior 4
Ride Quality 3
Maintenance 500/ month
Mileage (city) 18 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 23 KMPL

Detailed Tata Nano Review

What's Good?

AC is superb, cools the entire cabin within a minute. Height is good, comfortable for tall people. Pickup is reasonable comparing to its engine size. And lot of glass in the cabin makes a airy feel.

What can improve?

Incline with AC and 4 people is tough for its small engine size and you have to down your gear to 3. 1st gear being too tall you have to accelerate a little bit to move your car especially in the incline or if a bump is ahead. Glove box is not available in my car and the after market fitment available in the Tata Motors Dealers is bogus and does mach with the dash colour and quality.

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (3/5)


Overall Comments

Look is matter of choice of each individual. In my opinion it is cute and lovely. Passenger side OVRM is very useful, Tata Motors must not deduct it. Big and Smiling Head Lamps adds smile to the face. Back lights are taken from bigger brother Indica and is good looking, according to my opinion. Interiors are simple and fresh. Light colors in the top model is very good looking though tough to maintain. It tends to catch stains very easily and does not go easily. Overall it is a cute car to drive in the city.

Seating is the best part for my decision to purchase Nano. Ingress and egress is ease compared to my earlier cars, Maruti 800 and Old Zen, where I always tend to hit my head at the time of ingress and in Nano I even forget that I am entering into a small car. Seats are reasonable comfortable and fabrics are good, front bucket seats are comfortable and all the seats are very specious with lots of leg room and elbow space. (remember it is a 4 seated car as like Maruti 800). Being a tall design head space is tremendous and you never bump your head even the road is bad. Overall seating comfort is very good comparing to the price of it. Other key features are better than its competitors like front power window, front and back fog lights, central locking available in the LX model is top in class, seat fabric is also good.

Ride quality is compared to Maruti 800 and Alto, and even with WagonR for its height. Relatively bumpy than Zen or WagonR. At turns at the speed of 80kmph I did not feel it scary but reasonably planted, though it is not advisable as it is a light car with tall design. Ride quality is not superb, but you have to remember that you are not in a luxury car but in a car built for common people. In my opinion ride quality is reasonably good at its price point. Handling is reasonable, as you have to remember that you are not in a racing car. It steers quite at a comfort at motion though at parking speed it is quite tight though all my earlier cars did not have power steering and comparing to them steering at parking speed is not so tough. Turning radius being very small it is a cheer to move in traffic and in lanes and also parking is easy. Breaking is not so good though in city condition it is adequate but in highway it is necessary to become more cautious. As it does not have any disc break, in submerged condition break does not apply, which is dangerous and scary. Engine performance is adequate in city condition though in highway and in inclined condition it is felt that it is only a 624cc engine. With AC on the pickup comes down and less power as felt as also in other cars but according to me drop in power is less compared to my earlier car Zen, though it was an old one. Overall I am satisfied with the car in this parameter. MVH is also reasonable in the new cars.

It has a specific engine sound and at first you may notice it but with time you will be accustomed with it. Steering position is also separate than other cars, you will be used to with it. Having a smaller engine driving is a little different, as I have told earlier, you will get used to it. At last but not the least at every corner small children and many people will stare at your car and will shout "Look there is a Nano", I like that.

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