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Using for the last 7 months. Its a great car. Good value for money

By Arun on 22 October 2011

Dear Friends,

Don't consider this negative reviews at all.

Think what TATA has given in nano in 1.7 lac.( full version)

It has Aluminium engine, which quickly overtakes 4 maruti 800 at a time,which has very old cast iron engine.
It has radial tyres.
It has MULTI POINT FUEL INJECTORS, where 800 has old technology's carburetor.
It is 21% more spacious than 800. It has ECU (like processor in computer) and it's own softwares( like operating system).
It has the least turning radius.
It has hollow steering which prevent's brain haemorrhage at severe accidents. It has air density and humidity sensor, which controls fuel supply according to quality of air, so performance of engine is not affected by change in environment.
It has canister, which stores fumes of petrol, so it gives excellent pick-up.
It has digital odometer.
It has 4 years/60,000 km warranty.

It is really a wonder car, But the thing is it has become victim of negative mentality. I am driving this small wonder for the last 7 months and I am extremely satisfied. Why spending your hard earned money to buy some expensive 'metal chunk' when we have a cute little city car here. Think of it.

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