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Wonderful Dwarika Trip in a Wonder Car

By Kapil Vasani on 13 September 2011

Here I present another fantastic story of my "Small Here I present another fantastic story of my "Small Wonder" my darling "Nano". Had another trip with fantastic milage and comfort of an "AC Car." This time the trip was a bit longer...yes...from Ahmedabad to Dwarika.

Started at 7:15-7:30 on February 25th, 2011, from Ahmedabad and via Limbdi and Rajkot (reached Rajkot at 12 noon, with 1 hour 15 minute break at Darshan Hotel, a very famous restaurant near chotila) reached Jamnagar where my maternal uncle is at around 2:15 in the afternoon (it took a bit longer for Rajkot to Jamnagar as the road is under construction and there are n number of diversions, so you need to be a bit careful while driving).

After a day's rest, i.e., on February 26th, 2011, from Jamnagar we left for Dwarika. We started early morning at around 7 o'clock. We were 7 adults in total...yes...7 adults (a capacity of an SUV) in a Nano....once again...7 adults and one don't believe it right, lets count then, 1) Me in the driver's seat. 2) My maternal uncle (in the front passenger's). 3) My wife. 4) My mom. 5) My granny (nani). 6) My two cousins (Harsh and Pooja) who are 19 and 22 respectively....oh...I forgot one more name to little daughter Dhruvi (she is just 4) so I am not counting her. Now you must be wondering how is it possible. Here comes the answer....yes it is absolutely possible..."Nano is really big at heart" and I proved it. Yet another innovation of nano, you can fold the rear seat backrest, and remove the tray, (we had minimum luggage as the trip was for a day only), and you get a large roomy compartment (just above the car engine). Not to worry, as this part does not get much heated even thought it is exactly above the engine and for precaution, we used blankets, yes 2 or 3 blankets and the job was done...we removed the speaker reck (tray) and made room for 2 persons (my 2 cousins) to sit (though just slightly couched but they were comfortable.)

So the arrangement was me in the driver's seat, my maternal uncle in front passenger seat, my wife, mom and granny in the back seat, and two of my cousins on the top of the engine...!!

We started at 7:00, went to Jamkhambhaliya, reached there at around 8:30 (there is a vaishnav bethak (temple) there), took a halt of around an hour, had darshan and pooja, had tea, and then started again towards Dwarika. By 11:15 we reached Dwarika zooming on an average of 75-80 km/hour (excluding some patches of rough roads). Jamnagar to Dwarika is around 160 odd kilometres, so it took around 3 hours (4-1) to reach Dwarika, which I can bet any small car will take on such rough roads. After darshan of Shri Dwarikadhish and a great "gujarati thali," we turned back towards Jamnagar. We started approximately at 2:30 in the afternoon (with AC on on almost 60% of the time) from Dwarika and by 6 in the evening, we were back in Jamnagar (with 1 halt of around 30 minutes)..!!

Now lets talk mileage. I started with a full tank from Jamnagar towards Dwarika. While leaving from Dwarika, I topped up the nozzle again, (car used petrol worth 370 Rs., so around 6 liters of petrol one way, so an average of around 26.6 km/L). After reaching back to Jamnagar, I topped up the nozzle again and the results were amazing. Car absorbed petrol worth 420 Rs. So the total trip cost was 370 + 420 = 790 Rs. for 7 persons from Jamnagar to Dwarika, averaging 112 Rs. per person which I think is less than the ticket of state transport bus from Jamnagar to Dwarika which will be about 80 Rs. one way so the total will be around 160 Rs. per person. So the Nano is really cheaper, it is cheaper than travelling in an ST bus. Total number of kilometres run were 323 km starting from Jamnagar, reaching Dwarika and coming back to Jamnagar, and total expense (of petrol of course) was Rs. 790 (cost of petrol in February was around Rs. 61), so nearly 13 liters of petrol was used in the trip giving me an average of 24.8 km/L with AC on when needed (of course you need it at 2:30-5:00 afternoon).

Really a value for money car, I m loving it..

I would like to urge to everyone that this car is a very, very good car, you do not need to worry about anything, mileage is good, space is excellent, and its pricing is also very fantastic. I had a dream to be a car owner and Nano has made it possible for me, otherwise I would have just dreamed of a car. You can also dream it and have it!

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