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Nano gets eyeballs but

By Ram on 05 August 2011

No doubt the Tata Nano is atracting quite a few eye balls. But does not convert that into enthusiastic enquiry about actual users opinion. Even if it does, one has to give his opinion as motorised moving metal box. Vision of the "MAN" behind this car is laudable. But while translating "HIS" vision into reality, lot of things are compramised, different standards are adopted, minute details are overlooked. For instance whether it is a necessary or mandatory requirement, every car is coming out with spare wheel in the boot and so also TATA NANO. But in NANO, to periodically check the tyre pressure of the spare wheel, one has to remove the spare wheel from the boot, bring it out and check the air pressure, as the spare wheel is positioned in the boot in such a way that mouth of the tube is towards the body and NOT in easily accesable position to check air pressure without removing spare wheel from the boot. No doubt TATA NANO is a great Car, but WITH THIS MAJOR FLAW. This reminds me of a saying by anonymous that "COMMONSENSE IS AVAILABLE WITH ALL OF US IN PLENTY, BUT WE RARELY TRANSACT WITH". KUDOS to VISIONS of the MAN, behind NANO.

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