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Nano not fair

By Vinay Rehi on 20 December 2010

Ratan Tata has launched it's entire Nano Plant on the base of lie. He gained worldwide informal publicity saying 1 lakh car, and his 1st [lowest] variant was priced at 1.55 lakh [55% higher ! even we round the figure in lakhs, it comes 2 lakh and not 1 lakh !!!!] in it's mother state 'Gujarat'. In the reply to the question of pricing the car as per promise, he replied he would give "Nano" @ 1.0 lakh to 1st 1 lakh customers. Now they say, that they have sold 70000 cars , and NaNo is available off the shelves. Are the offering car at Rs 1.0 lakhs for next 30000 units ??? Ratan TATA - the demn Lier !!!! I think People should boycott his product "Nano" by not purchasing it at the price 55% higher than promised.

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