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Tata Nano - A User Review

By Shiva Shankar on 19 April 2009

Last Sunday, I visited the Tata Dealer to have a look at the world's most expected car. I was not surprised to see the crowd around the small car, all eager to have a thorough look at the Nano. The crowd was such that it was difficult to have a complete view of car, forget about taking a clear picture.

Starting from front side, the front styling is very much attractive with contemporary styling. Under the bonnet we can find the Spare wheel and the hydraulic cylinder for brake - nothing else can be kept under the bonnet. The front Spare wheel can work as an additional support for safety of vehicle, reducing front impact by transferring it to the shell.

Once I got inside the car at front seat, I could freely stretch the leg and the seat is very comfortable too. The dashboard is wide and the instrument cluster is located at the centre as in Vista. Instrument cluster is not bigger than that of a two-wheeler with quite big AC vents and controls. The wide dash board gives the impression of sitting in a big car. The visibility from front seat is also good.

Meanwhile one of the enthusiastic customers was busy in finding the jack assy and he could finally find it under the co-passenger seat. (I found myself wondering where the battery could be located.) The driver seat is comfortable, but leg space is little cramped. Obviously some space is utilised for providing pedals. Pedals are quite small and remind of brake pedal of Bike.

I move on to rear seat after waiting for a while as others were testing the comfort of rear seat. I could easily get into rear seat, thanks to wide rear doors. Once I sat on the rear seat I wondered how the cost could be reduced while providing simple wide seat with nominal cushion.

The leg space is great and we can easily stretch leg behind the co-driver seat. I had to move to other side as two more people wanted to get in. As I moved behind the driver-side seat, I could find the battery located under the driver seat, hence could not stretch my legs much. Meanwhile two customers had entered the rear seat and all three including me could sit comfortably.

I got outside and went to the rear side of car wanting to have a look at the twin cylinder 35ps power engine. I thought of the innovative idea of a designer converting the dickey door to bonnet and bonnet to dickey with spare wheel inside. Sadly, I could not open the dickey door. The executive informed that it was locked purposefully, as the car is only for display. We can get a clear view when the car is allowed for test drive, so I could not have a look at the engine.

I spoke to a few customers. One of them told me, "I am eagerly waiting when my name will be picked in the first lot of bookings". One told, "I am not happy with pricing, the on road price of Nano STD in Bangalore should have been 1.35 lac, instead of 1.57 lac". One was wondering whether the rear passenger would feel the heat, to which another responded saying, "don't worry the Insulation is good and considering capacity and power of engine you won't feel much of heat."

Meanwhile I took a leaflet with details of how to book Nano and came outside towards parking lot.
As I came outside I could see few people getting into their old Red Maruti 800. It instantaneously gave a thought that 800 has made its way for the newcomer the great cute NANO.

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