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Trouble with Manza

By Sandeep Roy on 21 October 2010

I have been having a Tata Manza since the last 2 months. I wouldn't say I was plagued with problems, but looks like these are not being addressed to effectively. Aura ABS - The good points, Smooth Driving and acceleration if one knows how to drive a diesel car, good aircon, great driver features, very good braking and the best of all ROOMY. Now, whom do we need to complement for the power, Tata or the Fiat. I would not say the gear shift is smooth and confident, clutch seems a little hard.

I have had three visits to the dealer, they have been extremely courteous and cooperative to listen to all the problems, but the net results is, I drive back with the same set of problems. Of course yes the car is new, it has been in the market for almost an year and I guess the company could very well release a version with least trouble.

I would greatly appreciate if problems are few and common with every car. What I have seen is different cars have different problems. So are we to assume that it is overall a low satisfaction product.

Few among the many probs:

1. Passenger side B Pillar Cover coming out
2. Low quality Wiper blades
3. Low quality stereo (already replaced once, prob stil exists)
4. Electrical loose contacts
5. Door Glass Beading bends in all directions

Now if one wants to have a total trouble free vehicle, choose models from Maruti, right from 800, the rubber and overall Quality is miles beyond.

I will wait for a month more, after which I will have the car up for sale.


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