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its fun to read when it comes to reviews on the tata cars

By munaf patel on 15 July 2009

hi , its fun to read when it comes to reviews on the tata cars.its ironical , but true ,people want a cheap & economical car & then expect the moon out of it. i have been using tata cars for a very long time , yes , there are cases of teething problems , which every one did not face. no doubt , its the largest selling car next only to maruti(but don't forget maruti has a larger range of models),that shows people have faith in this economical & cost effective car.

iam not being baised , but tata has an excellent record when it comes to warranty/replacement is concerned , because its governed by J.D power and these ratings means a lot to these guys.

comming to the point of a DICOR , yes tata did have a problem initially with this engine , because of the turbo. they were earlier using a VGT (which i think is phenomenol)and are now using a waste gate turbo , which is good but will not give you that instant surge in pickup. now that has been rectified & people are happily driving around with out any problems. like some one mentioned in thier response regarding the timing belt. yes DICOR did have a problem , but not with the timing belt but the alternator belt, which again rectified & fitted with retro fitment free of cost.

the reason i can share my views is because i own a INDIGO-DICOR bought about 19 months back & have already covered 55,000kms. even i had a few problems initially with my car ,like the alternator belt & oil leakages , which was immediatly attended to. iam happy with my car ,it has a good pick up , no vibrations & one good thing of the dicor is that you do not feel the drop in the pick up when the a/c is put on .i get a good milage of 15-16 in the city with the a/c on all the time & around 19 kmpl on the high ways

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