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Please donot buy used car with dual fuel (petrol+LPG)

By Girish on 07 December 2011

1. Please donot buy used car with dual fuel (petrol+LPG), because you donot know the reliability of the LPG/CNG kit in it. If only petrol car, than you can go for buying used petrol car from True value / Mahindra First choice.

2. 1000km / month is good travelling and hence you can look for new car as well. It will be better as for new cars generally you will not have any maintainence issue for atleast 2 years (25k kms). Petrol car if you are looking go for i20 and diesel than go for Indigo eCS / Vista / eV2.

3. If looking for DUO, yes there is no choice but wangon R DUO which is proven. But please donot drive continuosly your car on LPG / CNG. In this case you need to maintain a habit of driving atleast 25% of your total travel n petrol. e.g. if you go for 300 kms than you should drive atleast 100 kms on petrol to avoid wear and tear of engine parts.

4. Generally look for petrol vehicle with mileage of 17-20 kmpl for petrol cars. This will give you running cost of 3.8 to 4.2 kms/liter, which is good for 1000 km/month. Also petrol car have better resale values (less depriciation) and lastly price difference between petrol car and diesel car is around 1.0 lacs which is more than cost you save on diesel car running at 1000 km/month.

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