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If your average monthly usage is more than...

By Nikhil on 19 August 2009

If your average monthly usage is more than 1200 kms...go for the Indica DLS V2.

If your monthly mileage is less than 1200 and you normally take your family along ( i mean more like a weekend car than a personal office commuter) then go for the Xeta (lots of space, good engine, SAFE).

Alto is good if you plan to use it more like a single or two person car. It is too small for the family. Has the 796 cc engine compared to the Xeta's 1.2. Interior space is at a premium. If you are anything more than 5.10 tall, go for the Xeta.

The DLS and Xeta both pay for themselves in the long run. Tata parts are cheap. go for the extended warranty. The resale value is good. (Alto has a better perceived value)...

The Xeta is far more comfortable, has good pickup.

Also the Xeta is better on the highway than the Alto on a full load.
Go for the Xeta...6 years, 3 Tata cars personally, 2 Marutis (800 and Wagon-r) and an Ikon choice is still the Tata. VFM...

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